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Experience healing psychoacoustic sound and music

Psychoacoustic sound and ambient music for relaxation, massage and meditation

Dave Fisher, creator of The Heart of Sound, composes sound recordings using a sophisticated set of psychoacoustic techniques designed to engage your relaxation response. The relaxation response can profoundly impact your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. As a licensed massage therapist, Dave has been able to test and refine the recordings during hundreds of massage therapy sessions and it is with great pleasure that he shares with you the healing power of psychoacoustic music.

Featured CD
Sound Sleep Cover DEEP WATERS
Be drawn into the depths of your beginning... drink deeply of a time when you were perfectly at ease, totally protected. Experience the healing journey of vibrational, psychoacoustic music as you deeply relax into the deep waters and rise again refreshed and renewed! more
For The Therapist
Healing psychoacoustic sound has a profound effect on both mind and body, but to be effective, it must be used correctly.
If you are a therapist in a healing profession that uses sound and music in any way, then this section is for you. more
Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy sessions soon to make their public debut. Visit Dave's massage therapy website, or go directly to his massage Sound Therapy page for more information.
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